Alaris Vs Equity

Why Not Use Traditional Private Equity? 

Private equity generates returns by selling the acquired interest in a company at a future date. This is often accomplished through the outright sale of the business.

If you own a business that is not “for sale”, chances are that maintaining control of your business is non-negotiable. For this reason alone, private equity can be a challenging option. With Alaris, a future sale of the company will be solely driven by your goals. We are a unique financing option; we cannot, and do not wish to, force an exit under the normal course of business. We are not required to return capital to our shareholders at any point. The objective of this differentiator is to facilitate better strategic decisions and support your long-term view of the business.

It can be quite costly to give up a meaningful equity stake in your company and share your business success with a third party.

Alaris limits participation in your company’s success and growth. Growth from acquisitions and new locations remains entirely with you. Our equity dividend distributions can be capped in order to protect you from potential or unexpected business fluctuations and also to limit our participation in your company’s growth. The result - remarkable economics for you and your business that traditional equity providers have an extremely difficult time matching.