SCR Mine Technologies

Company Summary

SCR has been providing mining services in the Northern Ontario region since 1994. SCR offers a wide variety of surface and subsurface mining, construction, electrical and mechanical services. SCR is known for their expertise and ability to install, construct, maintain, and recommend the best and most economical solution for a mining project. The company employs over 250 dedicated workers during peak times. The company works with large multi-national mining companies as well as junior producers alike, on a contractual basis.

Industry: Industrials:  Mining Services
Capital Invested: $40.00 million
Annualized Distribution to Alaris $5.60 million
Partner Since: May 2013

"We joined forces with the Alaris group in May, 2013 with no regrets, issues or complaints.  Our original intent was to have a financial partner that would offer us flexibility, assist in accelerating our future growth and that would allow us to keep operating as we have done in the last 20 years.  We are happy to have the Alaris group as partners as we find them to be friendly, easy to deal with and down to earth."

- Claude Séguin, Co-Owner, SCR Mining & Tunnelling L.P.