Sequel Youth and Family Services

Company Summary

Sequel is a privately owned company founded in 1999 which develops and operates programs for people (mainly youth) with behavioral, emotional, or physical challenges. Sequel offers a broad continuum of treatment options for children, adolescents, and adults. Its treatment options include; long-term residential treatment, short-term impact programs, shelter care, therapeutic group homes, therapeutic foster care, community-based services, in-home services, alternative education programs and psychiatric residential treatment facilities. Sequel's populations include adjudicated youth, children with autism, and children, adolescents and adults with physical disabilities or sexual, substance abuse, emotional, or conduct disorders. Sequel operates in 17 states and serves clients from over 36 states and regions. Sequel has an employee base of over 3,300 full and part time employees. Sequels customers range from various levels of U.S. Federal and State agencies as well as government sponsored insurance programs and private pay individuals.

Industry: Healthcare:  Behavioral and Mental Health Services
Capital Invested: US$73.50 million (2 tranches)
Annualized Distribution to Alaris: US$12.24 million
Partner Since: July 2013

"We were seeking a new financial partner to take out our existing equity sponsor and some other equity holders and to provide capital to continue growing our company.

We were not thrilled with the terms and conditions of traditional private equity capital providers because they wanted to exit in a certain number of years and did not provide a significant economic incentive for us to continue growing.

The financial architecture with Alaris provides a wonderful solution because it 1) provides for an increasing share of the enterprise value of the company to common shareholders as we grow, 2) is permanent capital since it does not require us to sell or refinance at any point in the future, and 3) allows us to retain control over the operations of the company.

Plus the folks at Alaris are great people and fantastic to work with."

- Jay Ripley, Co-Founder and Chairman, Sequel Youth & Family Services