LifeMark Health

Company Summary

LifeMark is one of Canada's largest health care service providers growing from 30 clinics in 1998 to over 120 clinics today with over 2000 dedicated employees and consultants across Canada.  The majority of its clinics are free-standing outpatient physiotherapy clinics.  LifeMark provides physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, assessments, eldercare, occupational therapy and disability management, as well as home medical equipment sales and services. LifeMark provides services to private payers, worker's compensation and safety boards, private insurance companies and Government Agencies. LifeMark became a division of Centric Health in 2011.

Industry: Healthcare: Physical and Occupational Therapy Services
Capital Invested: $74.00 million (7 tranches)1
Original Investment: December 2004
End Date: Repurchased Alaris units in March 2016

(1) This is the total amount Alaris has contributed to LifeMark since 2004. Alaris has collected $95 million in cash from LifeMark’s new owner, Centric Health, as payment for partial redemption of Alaris’ preferred units in LifeMark.  The remaining redemption value of Alaris’ units in LifeMark is $36.9 million.