Killick Aerospace

Company Summary

Killick Limited Partnership, together with its various subsidiaries, was a privately owned participant in the global aircraft parts resale, maintenance, repair and overhaul industry. Headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, Killick specialized in the sale, distribution, trade and service of aircraft engines and spare parts. Killick operated in Asia, Europe and the United States, where it employed over 130 people combined. Established in 2006, its operating subsidiaries provided product and service offerings into two markets: (i) MRO of small aircraft engines and engine accessories; and (ii) the distribution of commercial jet engines and parts, frame parts and engine accessories. The commercial aircraft parts supply segment had customers which included MRO shops that are subsidiaries of major airlines, as well as independent MRO's that serviced aircraft for many other types of customers. The small aircraft engine parts and services segment serviced customers such as regional air carriers, helicopter operators as well as individual owners of small aircraft. The owners of Killick sold the business in January 2015.

Industry: Industrial:  Aerospace Parts, Maintenance and Repair Services
Capital Invested: $41.5 million (3 tranches)
Original Investment: July 2011
End Date: Repurchased Alaris units in January 2015

“When the right offer is presented, as an investor, you have to take it. The bittersweet part of this transaction is that it will result in the return of the investment Alaris made in us. The team has been great to work with, during the initial investment process and again during the follow-on rounds. Working with Alaris was a large part of why this investment was such a success for us. Killick Capital is constantly looking for new vehicles for growth and we hope to partner with the Alaris team again.”

- Mark Dobbin, Founder, Killick Capital