DNT Construction

Company Summary

DNT specializes in turnkey civil construction services to residential, commercial and municipal end markets including excavation, the installation of wet and dry utilities such as electrical, gas, sewage and water as well as paving and the building of retaining walls.  DNT has strong functional capabilities and believes it is the only company in its core markets capable of providing these turnkey infrastructure solutions to its customers.  With its head office in Austin, Texas, DNT employs over 650 people during peak season and is one of the largest service providers of its kind in the Austin market while also holding significant market share in San Antonio.  These markets are attractive, fast growing and have diverse economies with major industry employers including healthcare, government, technology and education.  Both Austin and San Antonio have strong employment rates and significant job growth at rates above the National average.  These, among other factors, have placed both markets as amongst the most desirable for commercial and residential development.  DNT’s management team has a wealth of experience in their industry and have developed a platform for success in all economic conditions including the fact that a majority of their cost structure is variable in nature and that their balance sheet is free of amortizing debt.

Industry: Industrials: Civil Construction Services
Capital Invested: US$40 million (permanent units)
  US$28 million (redeemable units)
Annualized Distribution to Alaris:
US$6.4 million (permanent units)
  US$4.7 million (redeemable units)
Partner Since: June 2015