Accscient LLC

Company Summary

Accscient provides IT Staffing, Consulting, and Outsourcing services and specializes in Digital Infrastructure Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence and Database Administration. Through its operating businesses (i) Norwin Technologies (ii) Premier IT Solutions and (iii) Appridate Solutions, Accscient provides these services to its diverse customer base by leveraging a global delivery platform, led by a seasoned management team, to ensure reliable, proven and innovative solutions. Accscient is based in Atlanta, GA and was founded in 2005.

Industry: IT Staffing, Consulting, and Outsourcing services
Capital Invested: US$14.0 million (permanent units)
  US$6.0 million (redeemable units)
Annualized Distribution to Alaris:
US$3.0 million

Partner Since:
June 2017