Sales Benchmark Index, LLC

Company Summary

Founded in 2006, SBI is a US based management consulting firm specializing in sales and marketing that is dedicated to helping their clients deliver their revenue growth number.  SBI uses the benchmarking method to help clients accelerate their rate of revenue growth. Benchmarking allows SBI clients to leap frog their competitors by getting access to emerging best practices from the top sales and marketing leaders. SBI believes it is different from other management consulting firms for 3 reasons: (i) Agilitrust – The SBI delivery methodology involves getting to a working prototype very quickly and then rapidly iterating from this to a finished solution. SBI offers a much faster cycle time from problem identification to problem resolution; (ii) Staffing Process - SBI staffs projects with senior-level executives and former heads of sales and marketing who have real-world experience, which results in practical solutions that actually get implemented; and (iii) Compensation Practices - 30% to 50% of every SBI employee’s compensation package is tied to a bonus that is entirely based on client feedback and overall impact, which naturally fosters client intimacy. 

Industry: Management Consulting
Capital Invested: US$75.0 million (permanent units)
  US$10.0 million (redeemable units)
Annualized Distribution to Alaris: US$11.1 million
Partner Since:  August 2017