Our Philosophy

We believe that the best companies are never for sale

A company is at its best when it is driven by the goals and the long term strategy of the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs know the potential of their company intimately and are motivated to grow. For this reason, and to maintain incentive, we limit our participation in our partner’s operations and growth.

We invest in strong management teams

Our partners have an average of 20 plus years of experience managing their respective businesses.  At Alaris, we offer an alternative financing option that limits ownership dilution because we know that our partners are the experts when it comes to running their businesses.

We are non-control equity

All of our partners have profit as an agenda, but only as part of the overall picture. Our partners value their employees and existing corporate culture. We believe that this is an important part of any business. At Alaris, we have the ability to choose who we partner with and we value the relationships we have with our partners. With traditional private equity ownership, decisions are made with the intention of preparing a company for sale, often without regard for the existing corporate culture, employees, or long term success.  

We form win-win long-term partnerships

At Alaris, we pride ourselves on providing a pragmatic source of financing.  There is nothing contractual that makes our partners seek Alaris for their additional financing needs, yet we have closed 18 additional contributions subsequent to our initial partnership formations.