Partner Criteria

"Our goal is to form a true win-win partnership."

- Steve King, President and CEO, Alaris

Alaris’ ability to successfully offer a unique financing option lies in our ability to confidently partner with companies that meet our specific criteria. Alaris generally looks for the following characteristics in our Partners:

  • A track record of sustainable free cash flow.
  • Historical EBITDA in excess of $10 million.
  • Low levels of debt and capital expenditure.
  • An experienced management team with an existing succession plan.
  • Low cyclicality and low risk of obsolescence.
  • Diversification among industry, customers, and geographic location.
  • No turnarounds or start-ups.

Alaris Small Cap Investments

Same offering- on a smaller scale.

In order to take advantage of our leadership position in the industry, and in response to strong demand, Alaris' Small Cap Division now actively seeks transactions of an investment size up to $20 million with private companies that have historical EBITDA in excess of $2 million.

The partnership criteria and economic terms that have established Alaris as an attractive equity partner remain the same.