Alaris was conceived out of the need for an equity provider to service a niche in the capital market; namely steady growth companies with an entrepreneurial management team, incentivized to grow and maintain control of their business.


Over twelve years of raising capital for private business owners, Steve King, President and CEO of Alaris, witnessed the challenges entrepreneurs faced trying to maintain control of their business as they exchanged equity ownership for growth financing. In 2003, Steve and Stephen Reid, former Alaris Senior Vice-President Business Development, approached Clay Riddell, one of Canada’s great businessmen, with an idea for a financing alternative that offered entrepreneurs the opportunity to maintain control, whilst having an equity partner that would share in the business risk of the company. In that same year, the Alaris business model was conceived and established as an alternative financing company in Calgary, Alberta. We welcomed our first partner, LifeMark Health, the following year in 2004.

The Ideal Financing Structure

The Alaris structure is unique and often rouses disbelief and a “too good to be true” perception by potential partner companies; we have a “win-win” mentality when it comes to forming partnerships and our structure reflects that. Our mutually beneficial approach to equity financing has allowed us to partner with some of the best- in-class private companies within North America, with management teams unwilling to compromise on ownership and control.